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I’ve been enjoying watching the New Zealand stock market fall over the last two weeks. It’s been really quite a pleasure to watch the NZX50 drop just a bit more every day, refreshing my browser every so often. And today I had the pleasure to watch the sharemarket plummet by as much as 4% at one point.

In just 3 weeks the NZX50 has dropped almost 600 points, partly as a result of the credit collapse and the price of oil. The latter, of course, will shortly (in the next 5 years) be past the point of return and be rising irrevocably in price, and declining in supply, likely triggering a global recession without end.

To be honest, I can’t wait. It’s gonna be absolutely terrible, of course. And I imagine New Zealand will slip from the margins of first world status to third world, and most of us here will be pretty screwed (cost of food, especially). But the sad thing is, I’d rather that than this perpetual continuation of the status quo, which is at least as destructive. At least a break in the status quo opens up fissures.


To my friends enduring the barbarity of prison.

Unconditional Love

Haha… I think was real drunk. 😉

Finsec Grafitti

Guerrilla Training for the General Insurrection (GTGI), also known as Anarchafairy’s Summer Tramp (AST), also known as my Annual Brush with Death (ABD), took place over New Years this year, up to Mueller Hut and then over Ball Pass (in Aoraki National Park), with the added benefit of me surviving it.

Honestly, this was most sustained amount of terror I’ve endured on a tramp so far. Sure, we look as though we’re smiling in some of the photos, but in between shots I assure you we were busy crying (well, I was).

Incidentally, the most terrifying moment on a tramp was crossing an 1800m pass in sleet and rain, high winds, with mild hypothermia and in a lightning storm with an ice pick sticking up from the back of my pack. And the most dangerous was the time we all came down with hypothermia, and one of our team stopped being able to talk properly, lost motor control and wanted to sleep in the snow.

Ah, the memories.

The following photos do not do the sheer steepness of the slopes and my sheer terror any justice.

Ball Pass 8

The weather was bad on the first day, so took a side trip up to Mueller Hut and camped a little way up the ridge.

Ball Pass 1

Breakfast at the base of Ball Pass.

Ball Pass 2

Ball Pass 3

Ball Pass: 2200m.

Ball Pass 4

Aoraki/Mt Cook from the top of the pass.

Ball Pass 5

Me! Freaking cold and coming down.

Ball Pass 6

The only photo that does the steepness any justice.

Ball Pass 7

Aoraki, from campsite, day 4.

Ball Pass 7

No more photos from here on out. We came down the wrong way — down a 45 degree scree gully with rock fall, and we only realised we’d gone the wrong way once it was too late to climb back up, or out sideways. We came to a bluff and ended up having to throw our gear, piece by piece, down the bluff, and then individually climbed down. I wanted to cry… it was so terrifying.

Also, if anyone finds a digital camera somewhere in a gully down from Aoraki, we’d very much like it back. Thanks.

“I thought love would be beautiful, and safety glass safe.”

“The pain in my heart makes my hair flip.”

Cute quotes from a friend of mine. We’re so emo.

“Socialist Worker have often reminded me of a kid with a new toy — until it breaks or they get a better one.”

(From a friend with regards to their recent fascination with Venezuela, and now also Bolivia)

I’ve started blogs before and they’ve never lasted very long, so this is just an experiment for the time being, to see if it lasts very long. I guess the main reason for this blog will be to jot down my recent ponderings on any number of subjects so I can come back to them later and maybe expand them properly for publication… in imminent rebellion for example.

We’ll see what happens!


These are my musings, take them as they are.

I'm from Te Whanganui a Tara, Aotearoa. My main project is publishing radical literature from the deep South Pacific as part of Rebel Press, and also the irregular anarchist journal imminent rebellion.

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