As you may know, over 300 Greek university departments are paralysed after three weeks of student struggle and sit-ins. The protests are in response to an education reform that the Greek government is attempting to put through.

Of course, this level of militancy is not uncommon in Greece and student protests generally remain limited to concerns solely regarding the academy, and not other social questions. So I was particluarly interested to read this:

Lecture theatres are alive with political debate that goes well beyond the immediate threats to the education system to question the entire agenda of the government.

Now, it’s from the British Socialist Worker news site, so it may just be their normal hype they put on things, but if it’s true then I can’t help but recall the same sort of prelude to the explosion of May ’68 as a generalised revolt against the conditions not just of the academy, but of everday life.

I guess I can hope. 🙂