MonopolyBeing the psychopathic sick fuck that I am, I thought it would be amusing to design a social system that would be the most delightfully tortuous way of life I can imagine. These are the top 10 traumatising rules I came up with for my social system that I think I will call, oh I don’t know, shall we say capitalism.

  1. Those who work the hardest and in the most treacherous conditions will also be forced to live in the most poverty, and those who perform the safest jobs with the least exertion will have access to unparalleled riches.
  2. Legions of the poor will live in prisons and still others will be systematically executed in death chambers. The rich will freely travel the globe.
  3. There’ll be enough food to feed everyone in the world, but a large portion of this food will be destroyed, some will have access to more food than they can eat and the rest will starve to death by the thousands each day.
  4. The poorest will fight and die in wars of no interest to them, and the richest will never hear a gunshot yet reap the rewards.
  5. People will be forced onto the street to freeze to death while empty apartments will be defended from would-be squatters.
  6. People will be forced to endure great hunger and simultaneously be forced to marvel at the sight of tasty delights out-of-reach behind thin glass windows.
  7. New automated production technologies will promise workers untold riches but then turn on them and force them into unemployment.
  8. People will either be unemployed, poor and unable to find enough work, or employed and working themselves into an early grave. There shall be no in-betweenness.
  9. The richest will destroy the planet, but the poorest will starve and die as a result.
  10. If you don’t like these rules then its straight to jail. Don’t pass go, don’t collect $200.

Seriously – what sort of fucked up world treats these things as natural, inevitable, invisible?